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May 20, 2015
Six star control for a six star hotel
July 1, 2015



Think ‘Palazzd and what comes to mind? A palace fit for an emperor; a palatial mansion where luxury is a given, and where every possible convenience is only a finger-touch away. Palazzo Steyn,  n William Nicol Drive, is just that and more. It’s the home of Insurance tycoon Douw Steyn, and the first house in Steyn City, the multibillion-rand development that is set to become one of the argest and most exclusive gated estates in Southern Africa. Douw Steyn also owns The Saxon, an exclusive boutique hotel in Johannesburg. In 2010 Panavision Evolve automated audio-visual  AV), lighting, and climate control throughout the hotel This they successfully accomplished using Crestron products, and PROMAG magazine featured the Saxon AV installation as the cover article n 2010 (fourth quarter). VVhen it came to the job of automating Palazzo Steyn With state-of-the-art technology, Panavision Evolve were the obvious choice. Jaco Was the System designer on the project. and he was backed up by Panavision Evolves Colin Sachs (Programmer) and Nicholaas Potgieter (Install Team Leader), as well as Stephen Falke (Interior Designer), and Rupert Denoon (Crestron Regional Manager), For Jaco, and his team, this was the perfect opportunity to •show off the power and flexibility Of Crestron brief as integrators for the 3 property, which is on a 2.5ha stand, included lighting control, climate control, AV, and the contro of Roman-style aqueducts that encircle the home. lighting System around circuits, serving a vast array of lights, including crystal chandeliers, picture lights, and LED down lights. Keypads were specially fitted with brass cover plates, to match the décor of the house. Touch-screens Offer slider control, with pless- and hold user pre-sets, and Crestron’s new smart graphics ensure a fresh and appealing design. Motion sensors, installed in various areas, save energy and simplify control. When the  frican heat becomes too much for guests, or they are surprised by the evening Highveld chill, they can tum to the closest Crestron touch screen for climate control. Because its a big house, the  system needs to be powerful enough to handle the complexities Of creating different Climates in myriad The Panavision Evolve team installed a 3-Core processor which, thanks to Crestrong built- in Bacnet integration, provides seamless and simple control Excessive comfort can give rise to boredom; should this happen guests can, at a touch, activate the AV system. The sheer scale Of  the  Palazzo Steyn AV system demanded a beast of an S Witcher capable Of ultra-fast digital Video’ audio switching, and lossless HD multi-room  signal distribution for all types of AV sources. Jaco chose the Crestron 32×32 DigitalMedia matrix switcher, knowing it has the required roar for such a big and complex project. The size of the home also necessitated a multi Crestron  WO Waterproof Wireless CD Remote  mode fibre-based system. The Adagio 42-zone  background music system ensures that music reaches the various entertainment areas: wine cellar, bar, lounges, drawing room, dining areas, patios, gyms, Spa and pool, It even reaches the bathrooms, which have been equipped with motion sensors in order to set the right mood for ablutions:  Lights! Music!  For those seeking a big screen thrill there are two cinemas, and both boast the ultimate in surround sound; Crestron’s PROCISEW range, It’s as good as being at the movies. But Palazzo Steyn is not all about transient pleasures; the Roman style aqueducts encircling the home offer the tranquil delights of flowing water. Crestron gives users control of a large system that pumps the water into a dam,  creating a breath-taking waterfall. The Steyn5, together with Panavision Evolve and Crestron, have created a Palazzo fit even for the most demanding Roman emperor, and certainly ft for even the most disceming guests. AS Steyn, the proudly South African founder of Auto & General, said, “My wife and are looking forward to entertaining our friends  and business partners from all over the world at our new residence, while also exposing them to our magnificent country.” Friends and partners of the Steyns will also be looking forward to their Stay at the Palazzo, where, thanks to the excellent planning and hard work Of the Panavision Evolve team, they can expect Kve star service and entertainment. 12 – first quarter 2014


Panavision Qolve are situated in Kramerville in Johannesburg and were founded 20 years ago by brothers, Barry and Claude Jardim. They are still directors in the company,’, along with Jaco Potgieter and Ricky Dos Santos. Panavision Evolve started as a small family concern but has since evolved into a thriving business employing sonle 25 dedicated staff. Jaco describes the company ethos as, “relationship and solutions driven.” He notes: “Well deliver solutions to small houses, or big corporates, the size Of the job is not the issue, Its about finding a solution that works for clients,” And, as Jaco points out, Panavision Evolve have a wide array of clients in various sectors. including commercial. hospitality, corporate, training, and residential. Service to these dients includes; automation, building management, green products, and anything AV. Douw Steyn is one client who has been more than happy with the solutions that Panavision Evolve have delivered, including what they achieved at The Saxon. While the Palazzo Steyn job was relatively big. The Saxon was four times bigger: there were 72 zones that needed separate control functions. When faced with complex jobs like this, Panavision Evolve are thankful for their strategic partnerships with the likes of Crestron and Electrosonic SA As Jaco notes, “We can lean on them for help with design, when required” A perfect example of this was when Crestron helped Panavision by writing the code for the garnet control Of the air-conditioning at Palazzo Steyn_ Jaco is proud of this industry first, as he is of the installation of Crestron’s PROCISEN PSPHD high-definition 73 surround and audio processor. The first One of these in the Country was in the Panavision Evolve demo room. Palazzo Steyn has two of them, one in the master bedroom and one in the lounge/cinema area. When probed on the secret to Panavision Evolves success Jaco replied: our team spirit is high, and we have good, skilled people working for us. We’ve adopted the attitude that we don’t support mediocrity: what you put in is What you get out. s.a*te•• 8 cover story

Ce control o t its Crestron Processing and and Crestron tralised Lighting.Crestron Touch Panels conveniently placed throughout the residence  – first quarter 2014 13