Government & Security Audio Visual

With Panavision Evolve’s industry-leading hardware, advanced software and cutting-edge cloud technologies, we can provide innovative AV management and intuitive work station solutions for government and security organisations of all sizes.

Control Rooms & Secure Meeting Spaces

Panavision Evolve can offer a wide range of highly scalable control room solutions for routing, displaying, securing, and managing multiple video-feeds for critical government and security applications. 

Network Operating Centre's (NOC)

Our network operation center (NOC) solution enables CSPs to run a centrally located operations center to closely administer, supervise, monitor, and maintain end-to-end telecommunications networks.

All In One Control

From anywhere in the world, easily control anything in the room over IP.

Security & Monitoring Centre's

Providing state of the art solutions for all your security and monitoring centers.


Easily connect from anywhere in the room wired or wirelessly.

Dash Boards

Providing Real-time interactive dashboard solutions.