Delegate Systems

As leading suppliers of video conferencing systems, delegate, visual display and simultaneous interpretation systems, Panavision Evolve can equip conference venues, parliamentary buildings and council chambers with state-of-the-art technology.

Delegate Systems

From multilingual meetings requiring simultaneous interpretation to high profile conferences demanding moderated discussion and electronic voting, we will develop an effective delegate system based on your specific requirements and budget.

Delegate Systems & Control Solutions

Panavision Evolve is certified to work with all the leading manufacturers of Automation and Control Systems. This ensures that we can choose a delegate automation solution based on your needs, without limitation.

Plug & Teach

With Panavision Evolve's education solutions, transform the classroom into a dynamic learning environment that's interactive, collaborative, and easy to use.

Easy Control

Start class with the touch of a button. An intuitive display makes it easy for anyone to select content to present, adjust lighting and shades, and even record lectures. With multi-window display, live annotation, and wireless presentation at your fingertips, the classroom becomes a canvas for learning.

Learning Online

With so many UC systems out there, we have a multitude of solutions that will enhance your unified communication. Dedicated UC systems for Teams and Zoom or BYOD to enable your laptop to be your VC host.